Urbi Bike Sharing


Bike Valet Pty Ltd


September 2018


Hardware, Platform Architecture, Infrastructure Design & Deployment, Mobile Development, Backend Development, UI/UX


Urbi lives to make cycling more accessible and cities more liveable. It's contribution to communities is a bike share network. Not just any old bike-share network, It’s a modular, portable bike-share system, that’ll make our urban environment a better place to be. Urbi is More vibrant, more connected, more sustainable, and when everyone gets out of their cars and rides, a whole lot healthier.

Madison Technologies was tasked to design Urbi a scalable mobile application along with a robust backend infrastructure to power up Urbi's ever growing bike sharing network. This includes specialised hardware to track bikes, over the air real time updates of bike availability across all of Urbi's custom built stations, complete with Solar Panels and wireless broadband uplink. This makes Urbi's Bike Sharing platform one of the most advanced station based bike sharing networks around.