Yay! Fintech Application


December 2018


Platform Architecture, Infrastructure Design & Deployment, Mobile Development, Backend Development, UI/UX


Yay protects users' payments by securing it in trust, on behalf of both the buyer and seller, until the transaction has successfully concluded. No more paying directly to the seller and anxiously hoping the item arrives. Yay significantly reduces the risks involved when making payments to an unknown person. This builds trust between both the buyer and seller, which leads to a higher chance of a successful transaction.

Madison Technologies was tasked to build out the Yay! UI, architecture, backend and application. The platform had to be secure as it handled sensitive information such as payments. We designed a scalable platform with a highly available infrastructure to complement it, the latest in web and mobile technologies were used to build Yay!. Yay! is due to be launched in Q2 of 2019 in Malaysia.